Founder's Message

We provide helps and assists to poor and helpless people, who needs, Medical helps, Legal helps, Social advisory / Counseling and Promote eyes and blood donation, and also awareness of Aids. We have to reminds all time that we are belongs to human Society .so every person have some duty for the helpless human being who needs any help. We are able to help someone Helpless People. Human life is very important on earth. So we have to do something. All India Association for Life care & Social Welfare provide you a worldwide platform for supports helpless human beings by different method like Donate Eye, Blood, Human Organ after death for medical research, joined networks for Blood donor, joined our volunteer Networks. I am creating large networks from all over India who are ready for any time for blood donates. Along with human Organ donation. After death our body useless if some parts of our body may helps someone else.

How Socio Lifecare Emerged !

All India Association for Life Care & Social Welfare is founded by Mr. Maan Singh who is General Secretary of the Organisation. He was drafted its constitution & directive principle of the organisation after a deep research in villages, slum area along with city or metro states with co-ordinations of our Board members Like Sh. Hari Shankar Prasad (Treasurer / National Advisor), Sh. Subhash Patel (President), Dr. Avdesh Mehta (Vice -President) or other primary members of the board from all over India. Backgrounds- A long discussion with some of distinguish guest & personality from different social sector like- Media & Jurnalism / school or college teachers & Professor / Advocates / Writer / Indian Administrative Service / Govt. Retd. Officers / Local & National Public Representatives like – Social workers & Politicians / Villagers & Local People along with students.

Our Profile

ALL INDIA ASSOCIATION FOR LIFE CARE & SOCIAL WELFARE - A National NGO working for the weaker section of the society(Registration No. - S/69538/2010, Regd. under societies registration Act 21, 1860) is Non Profit national NGO working for life care like- promote eye & blood donation, human organ donation, creates blood donor network , Education, Environment research, AIDS conrol, anti terrorist – anti corruption awareness program & other social activities.NGO have done successfully health camps by well planned. On dated 17th June, 2010 organized Health awareness rally by school children- more than 300 students were participated in the rally- from three different schools – H.S. Public School, Raja Public School & Pearls Public School. Medical camp organized by mass level many dignitaries comes from different states, local and national leaders comes as Public representatives along with college students.

Our Objectives :

  • To work towards maintaining social harmony.
  • To promote moral and ethical values through social and educational institutions for inculcating self-discipline and developing an ideal National character.
  • To organize and conduct programmes on health, education and sanitation; create public awareness to control population and to prevent epidemics and to arrange for basic facilities.
  • To engage in all kinds of developmental work meant for the welfare of people living in urban slum areas.
  • To implement and research on projects relating to Panchayat & Social Welfare and Rural Development.
  • To achieve complete literacy and to work for promotion of education.
  • Micro finance facilities for poor people

  • 24 hours helpline for :

  • Helpless old people (senior citizen)
  • Exploited girls/women
  • Exploited SC/ST Victims
  • Foreign/ National Tourist
  • Agricultural information to farmers
  • Weather alert information (rainfall, flood & drought etc.)
  • Animal cruelty
  • Urgent message related to National Security including terrorist activities
  • University student from all over India.

Vision & Future Plans

Eye, Blood & Human Organ Donation

Women Empowerment

Prevention of Child Labor

Marriage for poor girls

plantation & environmental awareness

awareness about water management