“About Our Founder” - Maan Singh

All India Association for Life Care & Social Welfare is founded by Mr. Maan Singh who is General Secretary of the Org. He was drafted its constitution & directive principle of the org after a deep research in villages, slum area along with city or metro states with co-ordinations our Board members Like Sh. Hari Shankar Prasad (Treasurer / National Advisor), Sh. Subhash Patel (President), Dr. Avdesh Mehta (Vice -President) or other primary members of the board from all over India.

Founder’s Message

All India Association for Life Care and Social Welfare provides help and assistance to poor and helpless people, who need medical help, legal help, social advice / counseling and we promote eye and blood donation and awareness of AIDS. We remind all time that we belong to human society so every person has some duty for the helpless human being who needs any support. Human life on earth is very precious. So, All India Association for Life Care & Social Welfare provides a worldwide platform for supporting helpless human beings by different method like donating eyes, blood, human organs after death for medical research. Come join our volunteer network for voluntary blood donors, or eye or organ donors. We are creating a large network of people all over India who are ready for any time for blood donation, along with human organ donation. After death our body becomes useless and if some parts of our body may help someone else, it would be most noble.