Successful Stories

Donation GMR

We celebrated the donation being provided to us by GMR. We cherish the helping hand they gave us.

Beauty parlor opening

With our help and facility we have been successful in making many women learn beutician course for their betterment and now they are working on their own .

Computer Institute

We have been able to make children learn about the latest through computers , we have made an effort towards making them learn working on computers with the help of opening an institute.

Health mela

We organised a health mela successfully for the betterment of people , it was a free health check up and was appreciated by all.


We have successfully achieved many of aur aims and fulfilled many people's desires and will contiinue to get such achievements for our INDIA.

Future Hospital

We are working on this future hospital for the ease that we want our ngo to provide to humanityin our way and soon we will accomplish this aim .


Socio Lifecare actively celebrates Independence Day to make chilren and many a part of our ngo celebration we make many arrangements and facilities for them.


We are a registered and certified NGO